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Hearts That Give

​We had originally planned to take the summer off to regroup and plan some wonderful surprises for The Happy Box for the fall season, but it's just not in our blood to sit on our haunches and let a wonderful opportunity to bring happiness to the lives of children pass us by!

On a recent trip to visit family in Jordan, we decided to truly kick off the CSR mandate of The Happy Box and kicking off our Happy Hearts department. Having served communities our entire lives and set a high store by doing work that benefits others, we are strong believers in supporting those less fortunate than use.

In Jordan, we made it happen! With every Happy Box sold, we vowed to start donating a Happy Box to a child in need, and slowly but surely, we're keeping that promise.

We approached an orphanage centre in Amman; a protective space supported by both UNICEF and Save the Children. The centre has become home for hundreds of children - Syrian, Palestinian or even Jordanian children - who have lost one or both parents.

We stopped by for a visit armed with hundreds - literally, HUNDREDS - of Happy Boxes for the kids! It was truly one of the most incredible moments for us, since the launch of The Happy Box. Seeing the delighted smiles on the faces of the children, hearing their squeals of delight as soon as they would spot all the goodies inside each box, feeling their hugs of gratitude and witnessing the joy that was spreading among hundreds of disadvantaged children, made us convinced that we are meant to be doing what we're doing. The Happy Box is sticking to its mandate to spread happiness among children, far and wide!

Hearts that give are truly the happiest! Below are a few pics from that wonderful, special day at an orphanage in Amman.

* If you'd like to help us donate Happy Boxes for children in need, just get in touch with and let's work together!

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