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Easter activities from The Happy Box

This is a beautiful time of year for us at The Happy Box, for oh so many reasons!

It's springtime, our favourite season, a time of year that welcomes rainbows and sunshine and fresh air and new beginnings and dreams about to come true. Plus this time last year, our dream of launching The Happy Box was becoming a reality, and we were giddy with the excitement of it all. And of course, it's Easter, and who doesn't love the cuddly Easter bunny and the thrill of hunting for colourful Easter eggs? Yup, we love this time of year!

As a thank you to all our wonderful families who have chosen to bring us into their homes and allow their children to fall in love with us, we'd love to share the happy activities from our very first Happy Box EVER!!! Our Happy Spring Box, launched last year, featured a ton of great activities to welcome this beautiful time of year, and includes quite a few Easter favourites, too!

There's some time yet before Spring Break draws to a close and kids head back to the routine of school, and as much as you love being with them, it can get difficult for a parent figuring out what to do to entertain the kids and make sure they're spending their time well. So allow us to step in and help a little with that, and share with you SIX activities created by The Happy Box. This time, you'll have to gather the materials yourself, but we promise it's not too hard! And with six activities to choose from, there's plenty for you to do with your beautiful kiddos this week. Let's get started!!

1- First, there's our BOO BOO BUNNY, a beloved of little ones. Let's make a small bunny out of an old, colourful towel, and use that bunny anytime a "boo boo" needs soothing with a little bit of ice! Check out the step-by-step instructions below:

2- Now, let's make a SPRING PLACEMAT! It's easy, colourful, fun, and can even teach your child about setting the table, if you like! Break out the construction paper in different colours, a pair of scissors and some glue, and you're all ready to start.

3- Ready to indulge in some messy fun? Here are our step-by-step instructions for making STRING EGGS!!! Ingredients required are a bowl, a balloon, some glue and water, some thick string or twine in any colour your like, a paper to lay your egg on to dry, a lot of patientce and a sharp object to POP that balloon once you're done!

4- Get ready to hard boil some eggs and work with kiddo on making some TISSUE EGG DYE! It might be a bit trickier getting your hands on the right kind of tissue paper - not the kind you use for gifts but the art kind - and you'll also need a bowl, water and some cotton balls.

5- Here are some ideas for organising different types of egg hunts, for different ages and levels. There's no better way of guaranteeing yourself a bit of a respite than by distracting the kids of an egg hunt that might get them out of your hair for a few minutes!

6- And FINALLY! Here's our step-by-step directions for creating an EGG HEAD. This is a favourite, and one that will last long into the future. You'll need a planting pot (Ikea has some great ones if you don't have any to spare!). You'll also need an old sock or rag, some creativity to decorate the front of the pot, chia seeds, plenty of water, sunlight and patience!

Happy creating, happy springtime and HAPPY EASTER!!

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