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got a question?

1. What age are the boxes appropriate for?

Our boxes are primarily geared for children between the ages of 3-11. All boxes, content and material are customized according to age group and gender of the child.   

2. Do you have ‘girl’ boxes and ‘boy’ boxes?

We believe all the activities contained within The Happy Box are a delight to both boys and girls. However, when we personalise the box for your child, we make sure the personalisation is gender-appropriate, either for a ‘princess’ or for a ‘prince’.

3. What if I have more than one child?

Each Happy Box is designed for one child. We also encourage sibling sharing too! If you would like additional items to be includes, please email us and we will see what we can do to make you happy. A nominal fee will apply.

4. Can my child work on the activities alone or will my help be required?

It really depends on your child and their age! Older kids can certainly tackle the activities on their own, especially if they are able to read and follow instructions. However, The Happy Box was designed as a tool to promote quality time in families and to help in creating memories, so we certainly encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to work on an activity with your child; the memories you create will be priceless! And don’t forget, any loved one can work with your child, whether it’s an older sibling or cousin, a loving grandparent or aunt or uncle, a nanny eager for ideas on things she can do with the children, and so on.

5. Can I learn about monthly themes in advance?

Of course! It’s easy, just sign up for our email updates via the link on our website. Then you’ll be among the first to hear about all of our new products and services, updates, interesting news and special events.

6. I’d like to order a box from a previous month’s theme.

As much as we want to make you happy, we can’t make promises on prior boxes because sometimes, we simply sell out and won’t be able to provide you with a complete product. We try to order just enough to fill our orders but it never hurts to ask, so as always, just send us an email!

7. Can I request a special theme for a box?

We are always open to your suggestions for future boxes and welcome any ideas you may have. A lot of time goes into researching our themes and preparing projects so we are always working a few months ahead of what you are seeing or receiving. If you have a specific suggestion, we’d love to hear from you!

8. Do I have to subscribe?

Not if you don’t want to! We’re betting you’ll be eager to once you receive your first Happy Box, but it’s completely up to you! You can just order month by month or whenever the theme-of-the-month appeals to you at the regular rate of Dh260 per box, or you can make life easier and pick one of our subscription packages.

9. Can I subscribe and receive boxes on alternate months?

Of course! We pack your little one’s box with  a ton of activities and understand that you may not be able to go through all of them during the month, hence we introduced the alternate subscription package, where by your little one will receive their box on alternate months!

10. How do I pay?

We accept cash on delivery, or you can pay card (Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards through our website.

11. Do you deliver outside the UAE?

Yes! Thanks to our partners, we can now deliver your Happy Box anywhere in the world, and we’re happy to do it. Delivery within the UAE is COMPLIMENTARY, but for international deliveries, a fee is applied.

12. Can I make specific requests for party favors?

Certainly! We understand that each party is unique and we are happy to help. Provide us with information such as the age and number of the party attendees, your theme, a budget and any other details you feel might be helpful. We will present you with a few amazing options, something you're sure to love!

13. How do I collaborate on an event with The Happy Box or               request sponsorship?


Just get in touch! We’ve had some wonderful experiences working with our partners and we’re always eager to spread happiness wherever we go, so if you think we should be working together, just drop us an email at and let’s start brainstorming.
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