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On New Year's Day, 2014, sisters-in-law Jumana and Linda were brunching at Norma's Cafe in NYC  with their families, engrossed in a lively discussion about love, life, the beauty of family and the quest for happiness.


They both agreed that the demands of a busy lifestyle and a crazy workload meant that quality time with loved ones had become almost nonexistent, and that just wouldn't do.

Craving a challenging adventure, and eager to pursue their passion of making education fun and accessible to all, Jumana in Dubai, UAE and Linda in the New York, USA appointed themselves the mission of becoming happy officers. Their job, as they saw it, was to help families up their happiness levels.


By the time they had wiped their plates of French toast clean, The Happy Box was born out of the two mothers’ shared desire to spend more quality time with their loved ones, creating memories shrouded in happiness. In May 2014, the first Happy Box was launched.


And voila, The Happy Box was born! Linda and Jumana promised each other that 2014 would be a year filled with adventure, fun and of course, lots of happiness, to set the path for the years to come.

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