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It doesn't matter how old you are, there is nothing like picking up a box with your name on it! The anticipation of discovering what’s inside is guaranteed to make you smile!

We are:

an educational and social enterprise with one mission and that is to spread happiness.

We offer: 

educational activity boxes with fun surprises for kids and adults alike.

We believe that:


  • life is short; we all need to slow down and start living.

  • our best memories are often small moments, not big elaborate ones!

  • happiness is contagious and CAN come in a box!


We include:

all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions to complete each activity, to make sure everything

you could possibly need for a session of happiness is right there in your box!


We promise:

that every activity is developed by seasoned educationalists who provide suggestions on how to make the most

of every activity according to your child’s skill level, making The Happy Box the perfect birthday or holiday gift for all!


We guarantee:

hours and hours of fun and quality time with a loved one!


don’t say we didn’t warn you, our happy boxes can be addictive, order once and you won’t stop!

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