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Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan begins in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when the first silver of the crescent moon appears. During this period, a special emphasis is placed on spending time with family, fasting from sunrise to sunset each day and doing as many good deeds as possible.

It is a time to be thankful for all we have, to recognize the suffering of others and to actively reach out and make a difference. From giving food to the needy, to spending time with the sick or elderly- there is a way for people of any age to give. Ramadan this year is extra special as it coincides with the start of spring, where nature and mankind bloom!

May this month carry forward great blessings for you and your families! May you rise, may you find peace of mind and may your hearts be filled with love and happiness.

It is your time now –to bloom. Spread your wings and embrace my gems!

Lots of love xoxo

The Happy Team

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