The Happy UAE Desert Box

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The UAE, although a small country tucked away along the coastline of the Arabian Peninsula, it has a vast and colorful history, culture and lifestyle truly unique to the region and to the world. Many people know the UAE because its recent growth and boom focusing on all that is new and amazing. What we need to remember and celebrate is the fact that the country has had fascinating traditions for thousands of years. The UAE may have a tough desert climate but despite the extreme conditions it is home to a wide range of plant life including shrubs and cacti and animals such as camels and falcons.

Get ready to roll up sleeves and dig into some amazing UAE inspired fun activities and learn a little more about the UAE and some of our favorite desert dwellers!

This box will entail 8 engaging and FUN activities inclusive of all material required to make the crafts and instructions in Arabic and English.

Note*** Sample image, contents may vary.

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