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Life is like a roller coaster. For just a moment, close your eyes and imagine that you are about to get on a roller coaster. It does not matter if its large or small, wooden or steel… this is your ride.

As you take your seat, you are snuggly buckled or harnessed in and you have just a few moments before the ride begins. You feel the slow pull as the cars begin to ascend up, up, up. The climb feels torturously slow, thoughts run swiftly through your mind and butterflies seem to be having a party in your tummy and still you climb up.

Suddenly you are descending so quickly that it takes your breath away. What do you do? Do you keep your eyes open or close them tight? Do you scream at the top of your lungs or are you quiet as a mouse?

We all react differently to this challenging ride just as we all react differently to the challenges of life. There is no right or wrong but once you are buckled in you are in it for the duration so you might as well make the most of it, grab the bars and enjoy life’s madness! You will be making your own

This box will entail 8 engaging and FUN activities inclusive of all material required to make the crafts and instructions in Arabic and English.

Note*** Sample image, contents may vary.

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